Short story of my success.

Written in the 1st person here because 3rd person is weird.

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I am an Engineer with 2+ years of experience in Software Development, Data Science, Blogging, SEO and WordPress. Having a special Interest in Quality Assurance Engineering and DevOps.

Passion and appreciation can change everything.

– Sarang Deshmukh

Life was good before December 2019.

In 2019 I was met with an accident, I got my leg fractured and at the same time I failed in one of the practical exams at college. It got worse as this was the time of campus placements.

I wasn’t eligible for any of the companies, and everything seemed to be falling apart. I started thinking that everyone had some passion but me. I went from anxiety to some serious depression, but I never showed, as I was too scared to be judged.

After few days, a friend introduced me to machine learning and I joined a training centre in Pune. I used to sit there whole day and learn new thing, keeping myself busy.

Meanwhile people started appreciating me there. This gave me confidence. Few weeks later, I started feeling happy.

But alas, Covid-19 happened. I came back to my hometown. But this time I wasn’t depressed and I didn’t stop. I learnt web development, started my own website (capablemachine.com) and began writing blogs on Ai passionately.

I grew online which inspired me to work harder. Boom! soon I realized that it is difficult to get job in ML as a fresher in India.

But at this point I had the knowledge of how to find jobs and what to study. I worked on my DSA skills and competitive programming in Java. I remember I used to apply jobs from everywhere. I used to message personally on LinkedIn and what not.

Finally!! I got my call. Currently, I am working at AMDOCS on weekdays. I do freelancing on weekends. Also, I am focusing on this website to give back to the society, by helping more and more number of individuals and making them realize their potential.

Thanks for reading!

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